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grab a crowler

Check out these awesome crowlers. 32 fl. oz. of pure sweetness. We can fill these bad boys with any of our in-house brews. take that brew anywhere you please (within the law). your house, a party, the lake, heck take it to a baby shower. not that we condone that sort of thing but heck, its a free country.

get your growler filled

get a growler , get it filled. simple as that. we can fill a new growler or any growler for that matter right here at the brewery. the servers here Rickety cricket brewing will fill you up with any of our in-house brews.


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Hot off the Canning line


6 packs

we now have 6 packs. stop into the brewery and grab one from the swag stand. stock your fridge, load up your cooler, find 5 friends to have a beer with.


Three ring Riot

Peanut butter stout 5.4% ABV 18 IBU

stop clowning around with those other beers. there's no need to jump through any hoops, this high flying stout has got you covered with smooth Peanut butter flavor up the wazoo with hints of semi sweet chocolate and a low to medium carbonation


El Grillo Borracho

Mexican lager 4.2% abv 15 ibu

hey muchacho, get off of your ass and onto this mexican lager. it’s crisp clean finish, notes of malts, light hops make for an easy all day drinker. now imagine yourself drifting down the river, drinking this beer. It’s always summer when you’re a grillo borracho.


Anaconda squeeze $14

American IPA 7.2abv% 65 ibu

summon your eagle powers with this high-flying, pile driving double ipa with its mango, pineapple, and tropical notes. don’t you want a little taste of glory? see what it taste like.


Hazers gonna Haze

New style IPa 6.4% ABV 50 IBU

don't hate the hazer hate the game, or other beers for not having the mangos to punch you with the hoppy citrus sensation. dont worry its easy bready oat malt tones and dry finish will get you through the hazing


Utterly abducted

milk stout 5.2% ABV 18 ibu

get your but to mars and get ready for a milk stout experience that is out of this world! let your taste buds travel the cosmos on malt sweetness, hints of caramel, dark chocolate and lactose, that give the body a style worthy of the milky way!


birdcage blond $12

blond ale 4.2avb% 22ibu

The bird flew the coop and right into our 5 foot tall bird cage hanging from our ceiling in the brewery. we call the bird chicken strips. chicken strips likes to dance around inside the cage like our house blonde beer will dance on your pallet. the flavors that burst inside your mouth when you drink this blonde will leave you wanting to dance in our bird cage with chicken strips. *disclaimer* if you do happen to somehow get into our birdcage and it falls your on your own and maybe cage dancing really isn’t your calling